Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

An Excellent … Edition’

I congratulate you on an excellent November/December edition of Contingencies. The reprint of “Black Warriors” reminds us of the systemic racism that existed in the military and in the insurance industry. The piece by Daniel Skwire on the influence his first actuarial supervisor had on his career should inspire all of us to develop young actuaries. One could earn credits for professionalism by reviewing ASOPs and taking the quiz [in “Up to Code”]. And Carlos Fuentes gave us another excellent article, “On Chance and Intelligence,” that connects liberal arts and actuarial science. I’m just wondering whether one could receive Ph.D. university credit for a semester in humanities if one reads his collected works in Contingencies!? Congratulations and thank you to all the authors in the November/December edition. 

Roy Goldman, MAAA, FSA, CERA

Jacksonville Beach, Fla.

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