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Front and Center

Looking for a new gig?

The Academy’s new Career Center is your one-stop shop for career needs.

In response to dynamic shifts in the actuarial landscape and a growing demand for skilled professionals, the American Academy of Actuaries is pleased to announce a new resource in 2024—the Academy’s Career Center. This platform, an expansion of the previous Job Board, offers a comprehensive suite of resources and tools designed to empower job seekers and employers at every stage of their professional journey.

For Job Seekers

The Academy’s Career Center bridges the gap between job seekers and employers, fostering a vibrant and interconnected community. One of the center’s key features is a state-of-the-art job portal that aggregates job listings from across the industry. But the Career Center isn’t limited to job listings; it serves as a knowledge hub where professionals can access a wealth of resources to enhance their skills as they search for new employment. Informative articles, helpful checklists, and thoughtful videos provide valuable insights, helping members to present “the complete package” to any would-be hiring manager.

Recognizing the importance of mentorship in professional development, the Career Center features a robust coaching program. Actuaries at various stages of their careers can connect, offering guidance, advice, and a personalized support system to those navigating the complexities of the profession. This initiative accelerates the growth and success of individuals at every stage in their careers.

For Employers

The Academy Career Center isn’t just a boon for job seekers; it’s a game-changer for employers seeking top-tier actuarial talent. The platform offers a streamlined and user-friendly interface for posting job opportunities, enabling employers to reach a highly qualified and diverse pool of candidates efficiently. Employers gain access to the Academy’s vast network of qualified actuaries, ranging from seasoned professionals to emerging talents. They also get notified when a newly uploaded résumé matches their hiring criteria, allowing employers a chance to reach out directly. The Career Center’s job board acts as a virtual gateway, ensuring that job postings receive maximum visibility among professionals committed to excellence within the actuarial field.

For employers, the Career Center offers a cost-effective solution for talent acquisition. It facilitates targeted recruitment by allowing employers to tailor job postings based on specific criteria, such as experience level, industry focus, and specializations. This feature ensures that job posters connect with candidates who align with their organizational needs and contribute to the company’s success. By consolidating job postings within the Academy’s dedicated platform, employers can reduce advertising expenses associated with multiple recruitment channels while gaining access to a highly relevant audience of actuarial professionals.

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The American Academy of Actuaries’ Career Center is a transformative initiative poised to redefine how actuarial positions are filled in 2024 and beyond. By fostering community, providing unparalleled resources, and embracing innovation, the Career Center ensures that its members and employers not only adapt to change but actively shape the future of actuarial science. Job seekers gain access to the latest tools, resources, and job listings they need; employers can optimize their recruitment processes and connect with the best and brightest in the actuarial field.

Check out the Academy’s Career Center at careercenter.actuary.org today.

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