Things That Go Bump

Things That Go Bump

By Warren Manners

1New York City stadium1Sing or tag finisher
5Smooth, in a way2Man of La Mancha
9Birthplace of LeBron James3Dressing choice
14Signs of summer4Spirits
15French for “sword”5It’s not for everyone
16‘89-’97 Ford hatchback model6“The uncertain glory of an ___ day”: Shakespeare
17Stigma7Not diluted
18Stuff8“A gliding, wraithlike dark creature”
20Bridge site10“Unnumbered and enormous polypi winnow with giant arms the slumbering green”
21Fraternity initiation, e.g.11“The Godfather” composer Nino ___
22Licenses12Follow closely
23“A creature of darkness, exiled from happiness and accursed of God”13Nitti nemesis
25It may get hot under the collar24Work unit
27Singer Yusuf Islam to his friends26Lofty pursuits
28Concentrated28Smelting byproducts
32Pelf29Canterbury can
35Home sites30Ronaldo, to Messi fans
36Money in Macao31Rubicund
37Capitalizes on32To a great degree
38Cherished ones33Greek peak
39Galette des ___ (Mardi Gras cake)34“Let the wicked fall into their own ___” (Psalm 141:10)
40Chicago Bears play in it: Abbr.35“An endless, crawling hairy creature made of orange light”
41After-wedding wear38Imperial assembly
42Kind of dancer39Ended
43Falling stars?41Proofs, say
45Flier out of Stockholm42“Phooey!”
46Bohemian44“A shadowy figure wreathed in flame and not taller than a man”
47“A monster of vaguely anthropoid outline…whose face was a mass of feelers”45Mrs. Stanley Kowalski
51Having two beats to the measure47Modern storage spot
54Corduroy feature48French ___
56Pasturelands49God of marriage in Greek mythology
57Massenet work50Employers
58Messi, to Messi fans51Biblical verb
59Watered down52Engaged in
60Greeted the judge53Menial farmhand
61Israel’s first king55It’s before Abib
62___ and anon
63Kitchen utensil
64Wagnerian Earth goddess

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Solvers: Dean Apps, Karl Baker, Jonathan Barry, Bob Campbell, Ann Conway, Jared Dashoff, Todd Dashoff, Nick Franceschine, Philip Gollance, Sandy Gruhlke, Peter Hepokoski, Mike Kosciuk, Kenneth Kudrak, Kevin Larsen, John Palmer, Jim Muza, Ray Niswander, Madhumathi Windon and Steve Altschuld, and Wendy Windsor.

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