Nice Gams

Nice Gams

By Warren Manners

1Discoverer of kerosene1Apparel
7Indian nanny2Alternative introducer
14Meteorological menace4Nickname of the caravel Santa Clara
15Opt to drop5Persistence of memory
16Form follower?6It can’t be played at home
17Fourth century Indian saint7Famed French explorer
18Bouquet8Bordeaux red
19Dodge pickup truck9To love in Lisbon
20Letter closing10Family history
22Folder’s output11Mysterious quality
24Avocado in Avila12Bridge term
26M.I.T. degree13Object of worship in Shinto
29Author of “Death in Venice”21Parlor purchase
30Rapunzel, for one23Talmudic commentary
34“Ring out the thousand ___ of old”: Tennyson25Dotted line?
36CCCLXXVI x IV26Rough estimates
38Hedged with options27Unit of purity
39It separates Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan28Tense situation
41Native of Portugal31🙂
43Full range32Net receivables?
46The Cure “This is ___”35Floodgate
47One way to get to the top37Foresight
49Old Parmesan bread?40The art of war
51City transit42Flavoring in Earl Grey tea
52Product books45Cheer competition
54Reproductive cells48Fatty tissue compound
57Temperaments50Dead giveaway?
62“But he saith unto them, it ___; be not afraid”: John 6:2053Half of a 45
63Idle or Heiden54Slack
65Nursery purchase55“Stat”
66Pianist Cliburn56Winona’s “Dracula” role
67Messi & Maradona58Bell Labs creation
68Ear infection59“Coming of Age” actress Lee
69AQI monitor60“Happy Days” actress Moran
70Proto-matter from which the universe was made61Mtg.
71Lyndon Johnson and George W. Bush64IFRS 17 PV Profits

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Solvers: Steve Altschuld and Madhumathi Windon, Dean Apps, Karl Baker, Bob Campbell, Lois Cappellano, Ann Conway, Todd Dashoff, Jared Dashoff, Nick Franceschine, Phil Gollance, Peter Hepokoski, Paul Ivanovskis, Feriz Kurtaljevic, Bradley Joern, Clive Keatinge, Ken Kudrak, Jim Muza, Ray Niswander, John Palmer, Ram Raman, and Wendy Windsor.

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