There Can Be No Doubt Now

There Can Be No Doubt Now

By Warren Manners

1Kipling’s Akela, for one1Schubert piece
5“Brave New World” ingestions2Puccini piece
10Ice cream flavor3Put some spice into
15They are commonly underfoot4Barely noticeable
19Samoa’s capital5Eth. neighbor
20Bedazzling museum works6Crude acronym
21Of concern to otologists7Shrub bearing kumquats
22First-floor flat8Units of angular meas.
23Forebear of one of Israel’s 12 Tribes9Use of an astringent
24Court plea10Cattlemen of Kenya
27Poll measurement13Good sign
29Where Virgo meets Libra, e.g.14Cheer competition
30It precedes an extra point15Parks and Ponselle
31“Et cetera,” e.g.16Fuse
32Pepcid AC rival17Cabbie’s command
34One who’s expected to deliver?18Lavender or lilac
36Not in the picture28Alternative to 83 down
37Under-the-table31Gym nos.
39Hawks33Picked up
41Individuals named in a decedent’s will35British essayist Sir Richard
45Needle point?36Kind of wave
46Catch unawares38It’s see-through
47They’re unarmed, but dangerous40What’s in vogue
51Caspian natives41By ___ of (via)
53Wall St. measure42“Antony and Cleopatra” character
55Italy, figuratively43Indicator of 45 across
57“I Am the Walrus” lyrics44MIT or RPI
58State: Abbr.47Rosey Jetson, e.g.
59Othello’s downfall48Whiskey order
60Plague of Africa49Make believe
61Mineral involved in much litigation50A real eye sore
64Data structure in computer science52Like Rodin’s thinker
65Keep from acting54“The ___ a bucket of ashes”: Sandburg
67Inclination56Tree with “helicopter” seeds
69Precipitous58Like an American in Paris
74International crime59Mr. Pulitzer
76Part of a complex molecule62Nov. runner
82Made young?63Pole preceder
84Baseball Hall of Famers Simmons and Kaline66Fountain nymph of Roman myth
85South African legume commonly referred to as fountainbush68Emulating Helen and Paris
87Frankenstein, to his monster69Org. compounds used as refrigerants
88State: Abbr.70Rhine feeder
89In despair71Brain part
90Highway sight72Baht earner
91City in central China73Then again
93Bar staple75They may be adjusted
96Large shore birds77Cork’s at the bottom of it
97Compacts78More than irk
98Pieta figure79Captain’s heading
100Brown spot80Branch headquarters?
104Something to try81Spiritual guru Ram ___
106Slang for “very bad” or “very good”83China and Damask
111“Pardon me?”86Scattered about
112Jennifer on “WKRP in Cincinnati”88Without a bit of sense
113Grounded jets, for short92Front-to-back
115Rodeo in Beverly Hills94Severely critical
116Kitchen item95Menlo Park family
117Archimedean machine97Horse hue
118“Nay, I will consent ____ any villainy”: Shakespeare99Canadian Mint locale
120‘80s supergroup100Gives the once-over
121Choice word101Sprightly
122“Skyfall” chanteuse102Religious residence
123“___, truth is the first casualty”: Aeschylus103Peak in Colorado
124So ___ (amen)105Messages
125____ Candies107Saudi, to Pierre
126Shelley and Lincoln108Part of a staircase
127Youngest son of Attila the Hun109Nero’s 58
128Greek goddess of strife110Nobel prize poet
112“___ and the Swan”: Yeats poem
114Union concern
117On the ___
119Verse opening

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Solvers: Dean Apps, Karl Baker, Mike Blakeney, Jared Dashoff, Todd Dashoff, Philip Gollance, Peter Hepokoski, Bradley Joern, Ken Kudrak, Jim Muza, John Palmer, Madhumathi Windon & Steve Altschuld, and Wendy Windsor

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