IsLove IsLay Island

IsLove IsLay Island

By Warren Manners

1 Rickety1 Something you will never see Messi do
6 Flight segment2 Silver and Burgundy
11 Punch lines?3 Flamboyant
14 Spanish poet García ____4 Small evergreen tree
15 Jungle menace5 Founded in 1815 on the south shore of Islay
16 “As if!”6 Messi has seen this only twice in his career
17 Draft status7 Nigerian tongue
18 Type of Greek column8 Spelling practice?
19 Water tester9 Film director Kazan
20 Medium10 Radar transmitter
22 Founded in 1846 on the northeast shore of Islay11 Like some arrivals
24 Baroque12 Tweed, e.g.
26 Identified13 Well-balanced
27 Chart topper21 1 USD ≈ 71 ___
30 Planetary model23 Lassie fan?
32 Reject25 Green, black or white
33 Yemen capital city27 Chi. setting
35 Stale28 Canal site
37 Nonessential29 Naval C.I.A.
39 Old _____ (London courthouse)31 London lout
43 “Deal!”34 Evergreen Indian shrub
47 First moment36 Founded in 1816 on the south shore of Islay
48 Nicholas or Alexander38 Metric unit
51 Archimedes proclamation40 British inc.
53 Family head41 I
54 Impersonate42 Way out there
56 Latin grammatical case44 Spotted bat
58 Founded in 1779 on the south shores of Loch Indaal on Islay45 Diamond stat
60 Admire to excess46 Checks
64 White Nile tribesman48 Ten Commandments medium
65 Language of Persia49 Looks high and low
67 Petrol amount50 On the clock
68 Miscalculate52 Glove leather
69 Mueller-Stahl of “Shine”55 Settee and davenport
70 Esau’s father57 Cherubini opera
71 “Such a pity”59 New Gomez album
72 Singes61 Salieri opera
73 Himalayan ointments62 Style of jazz
63 Univ. major of many working in Silicon Valley
66 Letter opener

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