By Warren Manners

Across Down 
1 Honolulu porch1 Tie up
6 Vestments2 Great deal
10 Mewled3 1 preceder
14 Over your head4 MASCOT
15 Large sport fish5 “Monty Python” opener
16 Samoa’s capital6 Gets to use
17 Puts on ice7 Pope from 440 to 461
18 Diamond in the rough8 Tightened
19 Penalize9 Bathsheba’s son
20 Italian spewer10 Sandpiper or crane
21 MASCOT11 “Ben Hur” and “Spartacus”
23 “Play louder,” mus.12 Left-winger of years past
25 “The Transcendentalist” essayist13 Append
26 Unruly ones21 Opposite of hawed
29 “i” piece22 Wooden clog of Japan
30 High spot?24 Kind of shot
32 Exactly 1.852 kms26 Campus gp.
37 Soft rock27 Colorful fish
38 Private address28 Ploys
40 Rank31 Fed Med Agcy.
41 “Enterprise” ensign33 MASCOT
44 Female fete34 Life, for one
47 Knock35 Hand out
49 Milky Way matter36 Tennyson product
50 Bird of Juno39 Consign again
54 Heinz Holliger instrument42 Fetor
55 MASCOT43 Scapegoats
57 Pearl Mosque site45 Babylonian god of wisdom
61 Simulacrum46 Maven
62 Atlas or Minuteman48 Bag bearer
63 In the black50 Groove or fold
64 Money of Ghana51 Down home?
65 Spouse, in Savoie52 Pad
66 Appropriate53 Leo Messi dedicates every one of his goals to her
67 Purlieu56 Longest Spanish river
68 Notice58 Sea ___ (Seattle NFL cheerleaders)
69 Semibreve and minim59 Melee
60 Some social workers
63 It has Swiss banks

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