Dog Dye Afternoon

Dog Dye Afternoon

By Warren Manners

1Cyrillic alphabet user1Offended
5Kepi or derby2Kind of message
8Enlivens3River of Oregon
12Ballpark fig.4However possible
15“Piece”-loving org.5Pelvis parts
18King Priam’s kingdom6Piled up
19Knock off7Parathyroid malady
20“No ___” (Sartre play)8Female swans
21“Happy Days” setting9Boardroom V.I.P.’s
22Greek goddess10Corsair crewman
23Ancient city of Mongolia11Attacks
24100 bps12Palindromic gun
25Agrippina’s son13Macabre mutt?
26River in Sweden14Man, for instance
27Co. identifiers15Annoying
28“Cat” or “dog”161996 DiCaprio role
29Source of support17Desirable feature
30Capone sobriquet31Workout target
32End of August?34Tight spot
33Jejune transport?35Twilled fabric
36His religious symbol is the winged lion37Zip providers
37Aperture39Novelist John ___ Passos
38Very well off42Fire
40Ballpark fig.43Pillow cover
41It’s on a roll44NIN “Pretty ___ Machine”
43Formed a thin layer45Lover boy
46Boolean logic operator47Vermillion typographer?
48Takes up space49Umpire’s cry
51Torment50Fresh response?
52Etiologist’s study52Tosspot’s affliction
56Show horror, perhaps53Tapestry
57Pay for54Get some air
58It goes through withdrawals55Gloaming
59Steerer of steers58High perch
61Austen title character60Respected member
62Voicemail units63Treasured sketch?
64Begin, for one64“____ temps de vivre la vie que tu t’es imaginée”: Henry James
65Pass slowly67Old king of England Denmark and Norway
66Rocky peak69Water buffalo native to the Philippines
67Jump over70Anti-prohibitionists
68Part of the fourth qtr.71Star quality
70“Horsepower” coiner James72Appalachian’s Springer Mountain and Mount Katahdin
74Small finches73It may be held or bitten
76Horned viper75Assoc. whose members represent the 55 states, territories and Commonwealths of the US
81Capital of Italy76USSR today
82Savor77Interlacing textile technique
83Put forth78Neophyte
84Rear79Brother of Jacob
85Pacific state80Some IRAs
89Petty bureaucrat86Bad kind of artist
90River by Ho Chi Minh City88Daystar
91Good name for a thief89Most ill-tempered
92Untrustworthy92Architect of the Tuileries
93University city of Sweden94Classified items
94“Maus” cartoonist Spiegelman95Yield
97Basilica of Rome96Unimportant stuff
99Long98Legume native to southwestern United States and Mexico
101Benedictines and Franciscans99Tocsin
104Fearful Fermi?100Woman to whom all of Messi’s goals are dedicated
108Type of tide102Carrots and turnips
109Out on a limb, perhaps103Express disdain
111Dish made with taro105Keats poem
112English noble above a viscount106“Aux ___ citoyens!”
113According to107Windswept
114Swear words?109Makes fun of
115The eyes have it110It’s a ball
116100 square metres
117Magazine articles?
119Popular club
120Cambodia’s currency
121Apt. specs
123Kettle and Joad
124Provencal possessive
125Former Japanese capital
126Then again
127Commodores #1 hit

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Solvers: Anthony Amodeo, Dean Apps, Karl Baker, Lois Cappellano, Ann Conway, Nick Franceschine, Steve Gallancy, Phil Gollance, Martin Hill, Kenneth Kudrak, Kevin Larsen, Jim Muza, Zig Swistunowicz, and Wendy Windsor.

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