Poke Her Hand

Poke Her Hand

By Warren Manners

1Way station1Twitch
5Evian and Baden-Baden2Confused
9“Finesse” singer3Be superior to
13Makes beads4Morale-weakening activities, in military shorthand
19‘___ Spoke Zarathustra’5Life, e.g.
20Tone down6Check writer
21English county7Aver
22Ear projection8Sowing machines
23Overly ornate9Book-to-be
24Big Board letters10Pennsylvania in Washington
25Holy Land mount11Harbinger of spring
26Kitchen cutters12Insolent sort
27Ctrl+Y13Sea-to-sea sluice
28Pigeon follower14Pencil pusher?
29Division15Every body
302004 Olympics site16“The African Queen” screenwriter James
31Fermat and Trudeau17Spoil
33Back burner?18Adder’s warning
34There’s no truth to it32Well-connected co.?
351040 fig.34Lionel Messi to his friends
36Soupcon37At random
38Ditch38Saturn or Mercury
43Super Mario Bros. debuted on it39Strong inclination
46CPU environs402001 NCAA basketball champion
48Paul McCartney, for one41“Annuit coeptis” is written on them
49Vanishing sound42Heat from Uncle Sam
50Berlin product43“We’re innocent!”
51Toe line in darts44CDC concern
53Setting of Swed. and Switz.45(Couldn’t tell you)
55Bogged down47Quiet down
57Had a shortage49A female swan
59Hebrew for “law”52Make bread
61Where relief is found54Held sway
63Lucrezia Borgia, for one56Strikes a chord
64Ayers Rock, alternatively58Pantomime
65Comes down a bit hard?60Oyster, in Oyes
66Stallone film62The Once-___ (“The Lorax” narrator)
67Clues63Co-ruled government
69Cheyenne and Choctaw tribes66Fountain order
75Big Head ___ and the Monsters68Bovine quartet
76One in the upper class70Kith and ___
78Pope from 222 to 23071Tests in a tube
79“_____ test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching”: Coach John Wooden72Old computers
83General reference book73Grammy-awarding gp.
84Hair piece74Catches
85Noncommittal reply77Occupation
86Zagazig’s land79Mammilla
87Vietnamese Nobel Prize winner, Le Duc ___80Baked
89Slang for heroin81Italian peak
90Hindu fire god82Diaphanous
91Check out83Elizabethan or Victorian
93Prompted86Letter opener
95Passive principle, in Chinese philosophy88Old-time illuminants
97NASA orbiter92Blunderbuss
98“Should five percent appear too small, be ____ I don’t take it all”: Beatles94Eases the cost
100Decalogue deliverer96Fed. research org.
102Actress Ullman99“Ah-oooo-ga!” producer
104Campus connection100Breed of horse
105Miso ingredient101Evening affair
1063 morons, 2 idiots103November activity
111Arctic windbreaker105Sculptor Richard
115Office time107Florida citrus center
116Not pobre108Line or mine starter
117Demolition stuff109Part of a barrel
118City on the Mississippi Sound110It’s written in English
119Press111Fit for duty
120Biblical name of ancient Syria112Fan or fun ending
121Argonaut who slew Castor113Waves on la playa
122Beguile114Was a passenger
123Apple starter115Merry Men member
124Site with many pans
125River in Russia
126Jewish ascetic
127“The Metaphysics of Morals” philosopher
128Black and Red
129“Riders of the Purple Sage” novelist

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Solvers: Anthony Amodeo, Dean Apps, Karl Baker, Lois Cappellano, Ann Conway, Todd Dashoff, Jared Dashoff, Nick Franceschine, Steve Gallancy, Philip Gollance, Sandy Gruhlke, Peter Hepokoski, Michael Kosciuk, Kenneth Kudrak, Will Lynch, Jim Muza, Ray Niswander, Russell Spinner, Madhumathi Windon and Steve Altschuld, and Wendy Windsor.

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