Impeachment Cobbler

Impeachment Cobbler

By Warren Manners

1Spots1Pillow cover
11Beer or tree3MLB All-Star Game day
19Muslim nymph5Just
20Union station?6Railing feature
22Sea Bream sashimi8Winter malady
23Triple-A and Hannibal were members9Boston College athletes
24Slow, in music10Tea caddy
25Listed in England?11Get moving
26Robin Meade’s network12Floor support
27Christ follower13Lion or tiger or bear
28Woolen fabric dessert14Mythological Chiron
31Beat15He defeated T.E.D.
32It’s a good thing16Wise leader
33Ill-gotten money17Artificial
40Stage scenery30_____ the Fall: Miller
42Rhine tributary31Trench coat treat
43Doozie32Jell-O for a snake handler
44Shucks!35Partner of Brahma and Vishnu
46Tibetan sighting36Word of regret
48Bawdy37____ Descending a Staircase: Duchamp
52Prefect creator38Winged
56Crimson and scarlet41Means to an end
58Of the soft palate45Sense
59Balkan country neighboring eight others47Designs
61Type of house or test49Hello or goodbye
63Louvre Pyramid architect50Printer or beam
65Pound or Cornell53King or queen
67UN agency whose mandate covers weather55Uninspired
68Hang57Venice’s Bridge of ____
69Mother of Zeus60____ Poetica
70Airplane battlegrounds62Soft and sweet, in music
74Wapiti66The tiniest bit
76Berthplace?70Sub for
79Dice71Lyon’s river
82Along with “La Pulga”, Rosario’s other famous resident73Endured
84Kind of bean75Caravansary
85Doughnut, for one77A legal corp.
87Fate78Northern state of Brazil
88Diminish81Kind of guitar
90Impairs83Ret. plan
94It’s positive86I know not _____: Hamlet
95Trial of the Century defendant89Son of Aphrodite
97Standard of measurement91Borneo seaport
99Man of Manchuria92Liniment target
100Transmitter93Neck, in Nottingham
102Vale96[Curse word]
104Foot specialist?98Forehead
106Lady Antebellum, for one101Texas, forest, park, etc.
107Muslim priest103French astronomer
109Where kine dine105Japanese socks worn with thonged footwear
111In the lead108Original Saturday Night Live cast member
113Result of repeated melting and freezing110Secateurs
117Hebrew measure112George or Martha
119Submit113Lobster claw
120At an impasse114Peripheral
121Wrestler’s bakery buy115Pancreatic enzyme
124Rub out116Relinquish
127Sorority letter118Van Gogh setting
128Cliff hanger?122Shopping center?
129Hawaiian tree123Pro or con
130Mettle124Olympic skating champ Kulik
132___ Claypool125Chesterfield, for example
133Vigor126Irish tongue
134Tenet128Nabokov novel
135Inventor Howe131Elev.
136100 square meters
138West German city

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