By Warren Manners

1AC/DC’s “Big ___”1Certain hip-hop dancer
6Not right2Wrap star
10Milliner’s supply3Appears dramatically
14Cruise, for one4Introvert often
19Dreariness5Text type
21Roman emperor in 69 AD7Icelandic currency
23Messi and Maradona9QB’s pride
24They’re sometimes graphic10Maître d’___
25Anastasio of Phish11“In that thou laid’st _____…”:  Shakespeare
26Like a stop sign12Utility bill unit
27City of the Seven Hills13Tempeh ingredient
28Marine division14In short order
29Kind of market15Chocolate source
30Munson of “Gone With the Wind”16Small warbler
31A 18017Potential progeny
35Big production18Sis or bro
39Casino play28The eyes have it
40Shake off29Crash site?
41Some like it dirty30“L’___ del Cairo” (Mozart opera)
43South African tongue32Sea bird
47Biddy33Sn, to a chemist
48Big Apple stadium34Denver, for one
51Emit violently36Council of Trent pope
52Reckon37Concession cry
53Stripling38Lute’s cousin
54Liquid container42Eat your words
55Discoverer of the rotating magnetic field43Stylish Brits
56Hagrid’s hound44Provoke
57Nod, perhaps45Exhilarating
58Changes direction46Creche figure
60Hotel soap, say47Conned
62_____ nigra; large black duck of the northern hemisphere48“Took _____”; slipped and fell
631970s space station49John Hancock, notably
64Applied an ointment50Jewish sect member
65Word in the title of three Clooney films53Tell a tale
70Venue for girls to swap gossip54Idle chitchat
72Classifieds, e.g.57Job holder?
73Left is right58Acetone, e.g.
77Bay State fish59Suffered
78Takes one’s turn61Medieval helmet
79Tempeh eater, perhaps62Island vacation rentals
80Relinquisher64Former Israeli prime minister
81Can. province66Manfred ___, 1967 Chemistry Nobelist
82Comic-Con habitues67Tough nut to crack
83Biscotti flavor68Penurious
84SALT superpower69Sibilant
85Not even close71Spits in Spain
86Chain offering Moons Over My Hammy72Chamonix nix
8724/7/36573BoSox great Dwight
89Aquatic bird74Mediterranean port
90Beijing pagoda75What you’re doing right now
92Special loans77Mercury or Saturn
101Romaine lettuce81Small New Zealand tree
103Hippocrates proscription82Imminent
104A great deal85Luxurious garment
105Van or series leader86Soupcon
106Oscar or Tony88C.I.A. precursor
109Stimulating nut89Airport convenience
110Brewing mixture90Genre of 96 Down
111Flag bearers93Shakespearean role
112Drilled94Architect known as “The Father of Modernism”
113Body shop figs.95Get a grip
114Nearly identical96Artistic category in which 90 Down falls
115Bath quantity?97Modern missive
116“The law is ___”: Dickens98Hilltop sight e.g.
117Dominant99Ledger item
118Chanel of couture100Greets the day
119Gets rid of102Sports figures
106Arabian cloak
108Constellation near Scorpio
109Mauna ___ (volcano)
110Son of, in Scotland
111Chicago Fire org.

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