Motuweth Frisas

Motuweth Frisas

By Warren Manners

1Makes the scene1Dogie
6What the title of this puzzle means (with 38 and 74 across)2Hydrox knockoff
10Advanced degrees3Remote control button
14Play area4Vestibule
15Soother5Answered back
16Fields or Messing6Synonymous with 33 across
17Fast times7Sound of distress
18Yucatán Indian8Vacillates
19Worry9_____ Éireann: Irish upper house
20WISP SUFA10Bouncing letters?
23Cup holder11JOPA GRINGO
24Assent12“Barracuda” artist
25Surfeit13Floral arrangement
27Register21Otologist’s concern
30Lured22Neighborhood hangout
33Synonymous with 6 down26About to endure
34Powerful D.C. lobby27Bonny girl
38See 6 across29SUMIC HERO
41“Bed” or “home” ending31Drops
43Rumpus32Takes orders, say
44Totally opposite35Son of Priam and Hecuba
45Lamb Chop’s friend37Book where title of this puzzle is sourced from
46Ruckus39Egyptian Nile god
48Debtor’s woe40Archer of myth
4920-20, e.g.42Legislative bodies
51Minor setback47“Mr. Robot” star
53Maria Sol, to Messi50Render harmless
54Drawing place52Redhead
57Hr. division54One of us
59G8 member55Missouri tributary
66Render58A Judd
68New England won this Super Bowl61Goddess of victory
69“Oh, boy!”62Tarot suit
72Hirsch of “Milk”65Motion carriers
73Promontory67Part of RSVP
74See 6 across

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Solvers: Anthony Amodeo, Dean Apps, Karl Baker, Lois Cappellano, Ann Conway, Nick Franceschine, Steve Gallancy, Phil Gollance, Martin Hill, J&J Holloman, Mike Kosciuk, Jim Muza, Ray Niswander, Bob Rietz, Zenaida Samaniego, Zig Swistunowicz, Wendy Windsor.

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