The Calculus of Fiction

The Calculus of Fiction

By Warren Manners

1 Sweet fruit
6 Birthplace of Karl Marx
11 Theol. degree
14 Comply
15 Birthplace of Handel
16 Succor
17 Two out of five thousand
18 Hatred
19 Where GIs shop
20 Coral reef
21 Wild times
22 Football or basketball stat.
23 Pynchon x Dickens + Kesey
25 Deficient
26 Medical suffixes meaning out or away
27 Irate
28 Not a good vibration?
30 The Terminator
33 Eagle’s nest
34 Ornamental flax
37 Camp ____, Messi’s home
38 Bender’s nemesis
39 Order of frogs
40 Goes up
42 Habitually
43 Slower, in mus.
44 Sight, in Sevilla
47 Suffix with robot or rhythm
48 Vonnegut x Vonnegut
52 Chain letters?
53 Persian faith
54 Fat or wax
55 Ice, in Essen
56 Pop up
57 Elie and Walter
58 Eroded
59 Cosmetic
60 Oberon of “Wuthering Heights”
61 Buffalo locale: Abbr.
62 Record needles
63 “I’ll ______ thousand prayers for thy death”: Shakespeare


1 Elizabethan court dance
2 Unable to walk
3 Edible seeds of evergreens
4 Muddle
5 In a high tax bracket
6 Billy Bob and family
7 Spokes
8 Troy, to Agamemnon
9 Wash out with solvent
10 Dream states
11 45th anniversary gift
12 Heller x Dumas
13 Drillers’ degs.
24 British thug
25 Blinds a falcon
28 Provides illumination in coal mines
29 My own, in Latin class
30 Salts or smokes
31 Arabian Nights bird
32 Camargo _____, 20th century Brazilian composer
34 Vientiane native
35 Verne x Wallace
36 Fruitcakes
41 Tipsy
44 Genus of venomous snakes
45 With malice
46 Suez outlet
48 Type of card
49 Querulous
50 Atelier accoutrement
51 Glass prefix
52 University doyen
53 Winks

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In order to make the solver list, your solutions must be received by Jan. 1, 2018.


There was some early back-and-forth on this one with my test solvers Bob Fink, Eric Klis, and Jerry Miccolis. I can’t really put them in either category as far as using hints. I’d have to say “not applicable.”

Solvers using no hints
Jina and Mike Accardo, Steve Alpert, Lois Cappellano, Phil Gollance, Pete Hepokoski, Ruth Johnson, Dave McGarry and John Murray, Jon Turnes

Solvers using some hints (or not saying)
Dean Apps, Bob Campbell, Mick Diede, Dave Dougherty, Deb Edwards, Edgar Goral, Joe Kilroy, Paul Kolell, Ken Kudrak, David Lovit and Christine O’Keefe, Ben Lynch, Jay Ripps, Bob Schriver, Bill Scott, Zig Swistunowicz, Doug Szper, James and Betsy Uzzell

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