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September/October 2016

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  • In the Red Zone: Awareness of concussions and their aftermath is on the rise—and nowhere is this more true than in the NFL.

  • The Sustainability Puzzle: When is solvency important, and how can plan sponsors adjust over time to maintain sustainability?

  • Cryonics: ‘The Best Crapshoot in Town’: The practice of freezing people after death with the hopes of later reviving them is riddled with question marks.

  • To Block a Blowout: A possible partnership between the actuarial and earth sciences.

Plus an exploration of how the U.S. Qualification Standards help support the infrastructure of U.S. actuarial professionalism, breaking down the positions of the two major party candidates for president, and a Tradecraft article exploring how risk exchange can help address the shortage of living kidney donors.

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