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September/October 2011

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  • The Future of Public Pension Plans
    We asked three pension actuaries to reflect on public-sector plans, considered by many to be the last best hope for reviving defined benefit pensions in this country. Here's what they said.
  • The Growth of Takaful
    The evolution of a system of insurance that adheres to the teachings of Islam reflects the expansion of financial opportunities in the Muslim world.
  • System Dynamics—Building a Better Model
    Measure twice, cut once applies to more than carpentry. Creating a scientific model that simulates a variety of possible scenarios is an excellent way to test a business or policy decision before it's set in place.
  • A Rock and a Hard Place—Negotiating Mortality and Retirement Age
    People from lower socioeconomic groups tend to die sooner than their wealthier counterparts. Is there a way to ensure that they aren't doubly disadvantaged when it comes to receiving retirement benefits?

American Academy of Actuaries