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September/October 2009

Twenty Anniversary

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Contingencies continues to celebrate 20 years as the preeminent magazine of the actuarial profession. Check out the latest issue in our new digital version.

  • The Rat Without a Tail
    A quantitative analysis of the returns reported by Bernie Madoff clearly demonstrates something that regulators missed: They were next to impossible.
  • Pricing the Priceless
    Can a metric that health economists use to value health and longevity be helpful for policymakers seeking to maximize scarce public health resources?
  • Investing for Retirement - Critical Lessons From the Crisis
    Employees who are asked to manage their own retirement savings need to understand the link between limited holdings in certain equities and the costs of future goods and services.
  • The Tortoise, Achilles and Fair Value
    The protagonists of Lewis Carroll’s famous paradox debate the merits of fair value accounting.
  • Plus puzzles and more.

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