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September/October 2007


Uncalculated RisksUncalculated Risks-
The Working Lives of Wallace Stevens

Can anyone make a good living as a poet? Insurance executive Wallace Stevens never had to find out.
by Daniel D. Skwire



Erm PracticesERM Practices and th Rating Agencies

The rating agencies' new focus on enterprise risk management emphasizes consumers and policyholders. Companies adopting or adapting risk management practices, however, can't afford to lose sight of the shareholders.
by Richard Goldfarb




AgeActuarial Equity or Unfair Discrimination?
Age Rating in Auto Insurance

When does prudent underwriting become age discrimination? Can age ever be a legitimate yardstick for the sale of automobile insurance?
by Robert L. Brown, Darrell Charters, Sally Gunz, and Neil Haddow



NAICClimate Change and the Role of the NAIC

Managing risks and controlling losses is central to the insurance business. While the primary focus has been on financially managing risks, physical risk management could also play a large role in helping to perserve the insurability of natural hazards.
by Evan Mills






Special Section: SOA Annual Meeting


Good Catch
Steve Sullivan


Solving Social Security
Steve Selengut

We Need to Do Better
Richard Robertson

Plan Asset Rule Changes
Ellen Marshall

How Efficient Are Retirement Programs
in Delivering Dollars to Retirees?
Ron Destefano

Measuring the World
Linda Mallon

Foundation for Trophy
Yan Fridman

Truth and Consequences
Richard T. Zatorski

A treasury of Vanderhoof
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