The Logic Behind It All: The Health Practice Council's 2006 Capitol Hill Visits

An actuary's time-warping, reality-bending, logic-defying adventures in the world of Washington.
by Grady C. Catterall

Turning Debate Into Action

On April 12, 2006, a landmark health care reform law created a framework for nearly universal health care coverage for the citizens of Massachusetts. Will the Commonwealth be the first state to solve the problem of the uninsured?
by Jon Camire and Dianna Welch

Meet Your New Neighbors

Innovation and invention aren't usually associated with the insurance business, but a variety of new patents and patent applicationas are changing all that.
by Tom Bakos

Early Offers: An Approach to Medical Malpractice Reform

A modest proposal for taking the high cost and volatility out of the current medical malpractice system and replacing it with swift and simple justice.
by Jeffrey O'Connell, Jeremy Kidd, and Evan Stephenson

Go Ahead, Try This at Home

Would you rather be right? Or would you rather get rich? Steven Levitt's book Freadonomics is a national bestseller, but according to this actuary, it could have benefitted from some expert opinion.
by Gerry Smedinghoff

Special Section: SOA Annual Meeting Attendees

A treasury of Vanderhoof
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Odds Against
by Steve Sullivan


A Regulator Looks at Medical Malpractice Insurance Reform
by Thomas E. Hampton

The Look-in-the-Mirror Test
by Carol R. Sears

After DB, What's Next?
by Heather Jerbi

The Number
by Steve Sullivan

Calculating Benefit Offset
by Zinovy Lipkin

Reassessing and Addressing Post-Katrina Offshore Risks
by Mel Causer

Cruel Teacher, Smart Student
by Yan Fridman

Deal or No Deal
by Richard T. Zatorski