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Retirement Blues

You've done the hard work and managed to retire with a nest egg. The trick now is not to outlive it.
by Anne Richardson

God's Actuary

This year's winner of the SOA's Actuarial Speculative Fiction contest is an eerily beautiful, moving, and utterly original evocation of something that happened two years ago on a bright September morning...
by Alan Shulman

Stopping the Insanity in Pension Funding

ERISA is more complicated than it needs to be. Just a few basic changes to the law's components would result in what the public really wants— pensions that are adequately funded, prudently managed, and fairly taxed.
by Jeremy Gold

The Million-Dollar Challenge: Measuring the Impact of Medical Liability Tort Reform

How can you calculate the cost of tort reform when just a change in one word can make a million-dollar difference?
by Kevin M. Bingham

A Credible Theory of Credibility

Credibility theory offers great help for life insurers who understand how to use the tool and know its potential and limitations.
by Drew Tindall and Jess Mast

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What Do HMOs Really Want?
by Brian Shively

Plain Speaking
by Craig Hanna

The Fully Taxed Life Annuity: A Benchmark for Evaluating Tax–Deferred Retirement Savings
by MacDonald R. Phillips

Rewriting Nonforfeiture Law to Rewrite Whole Life
by Jay M. Jaffe


by Noam Segal

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
by Richard T. Zatorski

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