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September/October 2000 cover

Face-Off on Social Security:

A Secure Future Means a Strong Social Security

by Al Gore
By using the budget surplus to reduce the debt and bolster Social Security, Gore will maintain a bedrock guarantee of retirement security.

Building the Personal Promise of Social Security

by George W. Bush
The Bush plan includes no reduction in benefits or increase in payroll taxes. Instead, participants can invest part of their Social Security in personal accounts.

One Actuary's Critique
by Ron Gebhardtsbauer

Do Bush's and Gore's proposals really solve Social Security's financial problems? They both want to "Save Social Security," but both leave the details to others.

Dynamic Financial Analysis in Four Easy Steps

by Glenn Meyers
Dynamic Financial Analysis is more than just a buzz word in the property/casualty actuarial community-many say it's the wave of the future. Ever wonder what the buzz is about?

Having Your Cake & Eating It: Unconventional Underwriting for Nontraditional Distribution

by Hank George
Today's life insurance consumers expect fast, accurate, and uncomplicated underwriting turnaround. What they often get instead is the runaround. But now there are ways to speed up the process and keep the customers happy.

Small is Beautiful: The Key to 21st Century Health Care

by Gerry Smedinghoff
Economies of scale may work for selling pizzas and Caribbean cruises, but they don't work for health insurance. Here's why.

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Doctor in the House
Remarks to the Actuarial Society of New York, March 29, 2000

By George Ross Fisher, MD
Employers should move out of the health insurance business completely, as gracefully and as quickly as they can.

Navigating Safely Through Mergers & Acquisitions

by Dennis L. Schoff
As more companies seek merger partners or acquisition opportunities, more executives will be expected to understand the transaction process.

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