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November/December 2012

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  • From the Office of Franz Kafka
    His complaints about his duties were epic, but Kafka clearly drew satisfaction from working his day job at the Workers' Accident Insurance Institute of the Kingdom of Bohemia in Prague.
  • Behavior Management: A Look at Wellness Programs Wordwide
    As more countries realize the value of promoting a healthy lifestyle, interest has grown in wellness programs. But do they work?
  • Modeling Obesity
    As a nation, we have gone from living off the fat of the land to dying because of it. Quantifying the drivers of this epidemic through system dynamics gives policymakers the opportunity to simulate long-term solutions.
  • Lives Well Lived
    Is living to 100 a blessing, a curse, or an opportunity?
  • Plus puzzles and more.

Actuarial Software Now, a supplement to the November/December Contingencies, is also available in a digital version. Articles focus on getting a better return on investment in business intelligence, using internal models for ORSA compliance, and the staging of actuarial data.

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