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November/December 2016

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  • Generational Shift: How aging Millennials will challenge U.S. health and retirement systems—and transform them in the process.

  • Uncharted Seas: Overview and risk considerations of New York’s new paid family leave program.

  • Interest Rate Volatility—Be Proactive: Almost everyone is expecting rates to rise gradually—don’t blindly follow the herd.

  • The Explosion in Accelerated Underwriting: What are the opportunities and challenges of this nascent practice?

Plus an exploration of how the Actuarial Standards Board helps support the infrastructure of U.S. actuarial professionalism, how retirees can deploy their nest eggs to navigate an uncertain retirement, and an entertaining look at a new book, The Perfect Bet, which explores how some bettors aim to take the luck out of gambling.

Also bundled with this issue is the annual Actuarial Software Now supplement, with features on DevOps culture, Big Data and professionalism, and data security.

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