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November/December 2013

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  • Managing Corporate Change
    In their rush to upgrade software and financial processes, insurers may be forgetting the most important element in any successful corporate transformation—personnel.
  • Workers’ Compensation Comes of Age
    A number of societal, legal, and demographic developments will affect this venerable line of business as it moves into its second century.
  • The Golden Glitch: Expanding Longevity and Shrinking Work Lives
    As a society, we are living longer. But our expectations about work and retirement haven't kept up.
  • Boomers Going Bust
    The generation that pioneered a social revolution in the 1960s is at the forefront of another upheaval: retirement without a safety net.
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Actuarial Software Now, a supplement to the November/December Contingencies, is also available in a digital version. Articles focus on Microsoft’s F# language, managing data risk, and actuarial uses of Excel.

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