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November/December 2011


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  • CLASS Conflict: Expanding Long-Term Care Options in a Tight Economy
    So you thought the political battle to include a long-term care insurance program as part of the 2010 health care reform was heated? It looks like a cakewalk compared to the actual implementation.
  • Covering the Cost of Long-Term Care
    As the world’s population continues to age, many countries are being forced to grapple with making long-term care affordable. Is it possible?
  • A Good Death
    End-of-life counseling was demonized during the recent debate on health care reform. But studies have shown it to be both a cost-effective and compassionate option.
  • David Graham Phillips and the Great American Insurance Novel
    Well-publicized financial shenanigans prompted a devastating portrait of the life insurance industry in a muckraking 1907 novel. Once widely acclaimed, the novel’s crusading author is now almost completely forgotten.
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