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November/December 2009

Twenty Anniversary

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Contingencies continues to celebrate 20 years as the preeminent magazine of the actuarial profession. Check out the latest issue in our new digital version (updated this issue with an even more user-friendly format).

  • In Defense of Machiavelli
    A close reading of the much-maligned political theorist is critical to any understanding of good corporate leadership strategy.
  • A Second Look at Credit Default Swaps
    They have been called financial weapons of mass destruction. Should they be regulated as a form of insurance?
  • The Business Impact of Advanced Analytics
    When new predictive information enters the marketplace, there's no such thing as maintaining the status quo.
  • Health Care Reform: Learning from Others

    The Dutch have a health system that's closer to the U.S. model than many of its European counterparts. But there's still an ocean of difference.
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