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Trading Risks in the 21st Century

Forces are at work that may require insurance companies and their clients to deal with risk as a stadardized and tradable commodity. The trading of risks will help to expand the offerings of insurance companies and make their products more affordable.
by David Ingram and Daniel Theodore

The Impressions We Make

Actuaries may work for companies and clients, but they should never lose sight of the impact their work has on unintended users.
by Tom Bakos

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The Evidence Is In

Interstate data unequivocally support the premise that caps on noneconomic damages are an effective means of reducing malpractice costs.
by Richard Biondi and Arthur Gurevitch

Changing Insurance One Mile at a Time

Paying premiums based solely on how much you use your car may make sense to many consumers, and to most environmentalists and energy conservationists. But will it be the wave of the future?
by Keri Funderburg, Michael Grant, and Ed Coe

Special Section: Consulting



Why Insurance
Companies Do
Dumb Things
by Robert B. Crompton

The Reality of Perception
by Joanna Ossinger

Also online
The results of a recent SOA survey of actuaries and employers. Among the areas examined: Employers' perceptions of actuaries, skills employers look for, and nontraditional career opportunities for actuaries.

Insurance Modeling
and Stochastic
Cash Flow
Scenario Testing
by Yvonne C. Chueh

The Actuary as Chameleon
by Paul Walsh


by Noam Segal

Blowing Bubbles
by Sam Gutterman

American Academy of Actuaries