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November/December 2000 cover

Hidden Linkages: Risk Management, Financial Markets, and Insurance

by Peter L. Bernstein
The author of Against the Gods takes a fresh look at the nature of risk, offering alternatives to the limited perspective of volatility and shedding new light on the function of risk management in the world of financial services.

Would a Federal Role In Disaster Protection Be a Catastrophe?

by Rade T. Musulin
Some areas of the country are just plain risky to live in. Is it the federal government's job to assume the risk for the people who decide to live there?

The Wizard of Odds Analyzes the New Casino Games

by Michael Shackelford
The insurance business has always been a gamble, but actuaries haven't exactly been considered high rollers at the gaming table. Until now.

Beyond Cost: Responsible Purchasing of Managed Care

by James T. Murphy, Anthony T. Lo Sasso, Linda Perloff, Jill Schield, James D. Mortimer, and Peter P. Budetti
Most employers purchase health care plans based on cost, but a growing number are beginning to pay attention to the quality of services when making their purchasing decisions.

Reflections in Still Water

by James R. Trefz
Even in the solitary wilderness of northern Minnesota, it's hard for an actuary to leave thoughts of work behind. But those thoughts can sound very different when they're surrounded by silence.

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