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May/June 2007

Our Finite World:
Implications for Actuaries

Finite WorldThe world is running out of the natural resources we depend on. So why are we still behaving as if they'll last forever?
by Gail E. Tverberg




Pension Policy and Public Retirement Systems

Money in bird's nestPublic pensions are immense, complicated and politically charged. Regulating them requires a complex balance among state and local executives, legislatures, and competing special interests.
by James A. Beirne


Special Section: Recruitment

How Actuarial is a Pound of Flesh? Risk Management and The Merchant of Venice

ShakespeareShakespeare wasn't an actuary, but his picture of risk management in 16th-century Venice is right on the money.
by Daniel D. Skwire





The Art, Philosophy, and Science of Data

rocksA look at two books that examine the intersection of statistics, money, markets, chance, and human behavior
by Gerry Smedinghoff

Pizza Party
Steve Sullivan


Are You Ready to Make a Difference?
Stuart F. Wason

Mercy or Justice
Lawrence A. Johansen


Tackling the Income Annuity's Risk/Reward Equation
Felix Schirripa

Grade Inflation and the Good-Student Discount
Tim Query

Loot Distribution
Yan Fridman

What's in Your Wallet?
Richard T. Zatorski

A treasury of Vanderhoof
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