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Spreading the Risks

A new book traces thee origins and growth of insurance, from the Code of Hammurabi to the recent tribulations of Lloyd's of London; from the Great New York Fire of 1835 to the World Trade Center disaster in 2001.
by John A. Bogardus Jr. and Robert H. Moore

Let Lost
Money Revert to
Social Security

Why let lost pension money languish in untapped accounts when it could be used to help shore up the sagging future of Social Security?
by John Turner and Ellen A. Bruce

All the Actuaries
in China

One of the leading figures in China's fledgling insurance business tells the story of how the actuarial profession has evolved in the People's Republic and where it's headed
by Dr. Kailin Tuan

Risk Never Sleeps:
Containing the Costs
and Risks of 24/7

The 24/7 economy may look profitable on paper, but not if potential profits are eaten up by lawsuits and skyrocketing insurance premiums.
by Ami L. Randall

ACE–ing Kilimanjaro

An intrepid team from one of the world's top reinsurance companies climbs Africa's tallest peak to raise money for children. It's not just another day at the office.
by Wendy Davis Johnson

Actuarial Recruitment
Special Section

Whether you're seeking a new employer or employee, this section will jump-start your search.



The Case for Consumer-Driven Health Care
by David M. Tuomala

Three-Ring Circus
by Steven M. English

Car 932, Where Are You?
by Tim Cole

Why I Love Working With Actuaries
by Margaret Resce Milkint

by Noam Segal

A Fairness Opinion
by Richard T. Zatorski

American Academy of Actuaries