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May/June 2002 cover

Mr. Parks Goes to Washington

by John P. Parks
Academy visits to Capitol Hill are not only about winning hearts and minds, they're about making sure those hearts and minds have the right information when it comes to drafting legislation and setting public policy.

Could the Enron Collapse Help Level the Pension Playing Field?

by Bridget Flynn
More than just raising questions about corporate ethics and accounting practices, the meltdown of Enron also shines a light on the weaknesses in our current pension system.

A Radical New Approach to Mortality Table Development

by Charles E. Ritzke
The tried and true methods of developing mortality tables just don't cut it anymore. A new millennium requires some radical new thinking.

Hedging With Derivatives in Traditional Insurance Products

by Larry H. Rubin
There's more than one way to skin a cat, and today's actuaries are discovering there's more than one way to price an insurance policy.

From Art to Science: Clinical insight Modeling for Medical Actuaries

by Harry Poteat, MD
Combining clinical insight with actuaries' understanding of mathematical patterns in the population works fairly well for predicting catastrophic risks in medical care. But it could work even better.

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