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Under Coverage: The Secret Lives of Insurance Agents in World War II

by Mark Fritz
The traditional image of the insurance agent made perfect cover. Who would suspect that boring drone of bureaucrat was a spy?

The American Cargo War Risk Reinsurance Exchange

(word document)

Managed Care

by Howard J. Bolnick
Reports of its demise are premature

Name Game: Trouble in the House of Llod's

by Steve Sullivan
Once a pillar of the insurance business, a vunerable institution, and symbol of the British Empire, Lloyd's of London now faces allegations of fraud and a difficult financial future.

Selenium: The Supplement That Shocked The World

by Hank George
The mineral selenium vaulted into prominence after a 1996 cancer research study showed a very unexpected outcome when this mineral was given as a dietary supplement to a large group of skin cancer patients. What do we really know about selenium? What are the implications of its future use?

Actuarial Recruitment Special Section

by Kenneth W. Faig
Whether you're seeking a new employer or employee, this all-new section will jump start your search.

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