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March/April 2017

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  • Preparing for Artificial Intelligence Before It’s Too Late—Intelligence and awareness of our own being are two fundamental pillars of being human. But what happens when they’re no longer uniquely human traits?

  • The Future of the ACA—Why any reforms to the health care law need to take key provisions into account.

  • Do You Really Think You’ll Live Forever?—Optimism bias may be causing inaccurate assumptions about modern medicine and long-term longevity trends.

  • PBR—Who, What, and How—Actuaries have several new responsibilities under principle-based reserving, and many resources to draw upon.

Plus an examination of the drivers behind the recent U.S. mortality increase, the first in a new Presidential Papers series called “Professionalism in Action,” and the Actuarial JobSeeker supplement, which explores why actuaries may want to consider earning an MBA.

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