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March/April 2013

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  • Stormy Weather: Protecting the U.S. Power Grid From Solar Squalls
    Geomagnetic storms that occur as a result of coronal mass ejections or solar flares have the potential to cause disruption ranging from minor blackouts to the collapse of the entire power grid.
  • Health Care Reform Shifts to the States
    As deadlines for the implementation of health care reform move inexorably closer, states are facing difficult decisions about insurance exchanges and Medicaid expansion.
  • The Next Great Thing in Predictive Modeling
    The integration of predictive models across departments and lines is transforming the insurance industry.
  • Hurricane Warning: Managing Natural Hazards in an Era of Climate Change
    While the link between global warming and explosive storms remains unclear, there’s no denying that the risk is growing for those who live in areas that are vulnerable to natural disaster.
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Actuarial JobSeeker, a supplement to the March/April Contingencies, is also available in a digital version. Articles focus on the demand for actuaries with predictive modeling skills, how to access the overseas actuarial job market, and the impact on the actuarial profession and workplace of its newest cohort—millennials.

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