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March/April 2008


Personal ActuaryThe Personal Actuary:
Risk Management With an Individual Touch

Some view actuaries as merely highly skilled mathematicians. But if actuaries are recognized as comprehensive problem solvers who apply a broad base of knowledge of economic systems, using mathematical models and techniques to identify, assess, and manage risk, a world of opportunity opens up.
by Paul Richmond


The Controversy at the Water Cooler—Economic Captial

As insurance products get more complex, reserving for them becomes more difficult. But insurers have many options when it comes to calculating economic capital requirements.
by Matthew Clark
Chad Runchey



Over There—Recent European Legal Developments
Affecting the Insurance and Reinsurance Indsustries

In 2007, there were a number of important legal developments in Europe that affected casualty insurance and reinsurance companies throughout the Continentómany as the result of EU directives. But common legislation doesnít always translate into a common legal landscape.
by Davide Lewin


A Holistic Approach to Health Underwriting

For health underwriters seeking to evaluate risk, medical diagnoses are the gold standard. But thereís a wealth of potentially helpful information lurking in the questions that arenít being asked.
by Tia Goss Sawhney




The Great Communicator
Linda Mallon


The Market Value of Pension Liabilities
Daniel P. Moore

Paul's Puzzle
A Fable for Actuaries
Julia Philips

Gauging the Impact of CDHPs
on Pharmaceutical Companies
Peter Angelides, Michael Castellano,
and Thomas Bogle

Solvency II—The U.S. Persective
Matthew Clark

Statistical Miscellany

Numbers Can Be Fun
Reviews by Paul M. Conlin and Bruce D. Schobel

Dance Moves
Mark Danburg-Wyld

On Risk
Sam Gutterman

A treasury of Vanderhoof
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