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A Hard Look at Soft Fraud

It’s not only the criminal masterminds who cost insurers millions of dollars in fraudulent claims. What about those ordinary folks who see nothing wrong with cheating the insurance company—just a little?
by Kevin Bingham, John Lucker, and Mo Masud

New Catastrophe Models for Hard Times

Driven by the increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters over the past few years, the growing sophistication of catastrophe models has helped insurers and reinsurers weather the storms.
by Patricia Grossi and Howard Kunreuther

In the Eye of the Beholder: Why “Best Practice” Standards of Practice May Not Be Best

One of the hallmarks of a profession is a set of standards that governs its members’ practice. Should the Actuarial Standards Board codify “best practice”? And even if it has the authority, is it always clear what practices are best?
by Michael A. Lamonica and Lauren M. Bloom

The Value of Human Life

Kenneth Feinberg’s book What Is Life Worth? chronicles the process of trying to compensate the survivors of the victims of 9/11 and how it changed him.
by Ardian Gill

Special Section: 2006 Software Directory

A treasury of Vanderhoof
For the first time, Irwin Vanderhoof's columns for Contingencies have been collected in one volume. Use our online form to get "Through an Actuarial Looking Glass" for just $16.

Nosy Data
by Steve Sullivan


Making Good Sausage
by Michael G. McCarter

Living With Precept 10
by Edward E. Burrows

Where Policy Meets Politics
by Heather Jerbi

Health-Related Quality of Life
by Jill Van Den Bos

The Future of Historic Studies
by Timothy J. Pratt and David M. Walczak

2005 a Record Year for Casualty Claims

Peculiar Star Position
by Yan Fridman

Second-Order Effects
by Sam Gutterman

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