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Asbestos and the Laws of Newton

"An object in motion tends to remain in motion ...." Judging from the state of asbestos litigation today, Sir Isaac Newton was far ahead of his time when he formulated his famous laws.
by Orin M. Linden

An Actuary in Cairo

Teaching budding actuaries in Cairo is a stimulating way to cap off an already stimulating actuarial career.
by Eugene McGovern

This article is accompanied by the sidebar:
"Dying on Birthdays"
by Eugene McGovern

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A treasury of Vanderhoof
For the first time, Irwin Vanderhoof's columns for
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How Do You Define Professionalism? Let Me Count the Ways

The Canadian Institute of Actuaries puts the public interest first, and puts it in writing.
by Brian A.P. Fitzgerald

Can Education Substitute for Actuarial Exams? Evidence and Policy Implications

Actuarial exams are notoriously difficult. Does that keep otherwise well qualified math students from the actuarial profession?
by Robert L. Brown and Conrad Ciccotello

This article features the sidebar "Actuarial Boot Camp"
by Debbie Shapiro

Anecdotal Evidence
by Steve Sullivan


Don't Forget About Medicare
by Cori E. Uccello

Welcome to the Dance
by Geralyn Trujillo

Simplified Issue Exploring Underwriting Ramifications
by Douglas A. Ingle

Real-Time Reality
by Doug French, Rob Frasca,and Alex Korogodsky

Logicians at King Louis's Dinner
by Yan Fridman

You Can Make a Difference!
by Sam Gutterman

American Academy of Actuaries