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About Gardiner: 73 Years an Actuary

Born the year before Ford's first Model T came off the assembly line, Jim Gardiner's actuarial career has spanned most of the 20th century and spilled over into the 21st. Guess he's just not the retiring type.
by Linda Mallon

Breaking into the
Black-Scholes Black
Box: Actuaries and
Executive Option

New proposed accounting rules will mean that executives can no longer be so secretive about their stock options packages. Actuaries will be able to play a major role in making them more transparent.
by Paul Carrett and Keith Martland

  • See the IASB exposure draft on share-based payment
  • Learn about the 1997 Nobel Prize in Economics won by Merton and Scholes
  • Read an Institute of Actuaries of Australia paper, by Paul Carrett and Bernard Wong, on executive option valuation

The River Is Mine

It's not everyday an actuary writes a novel. Especially one in which adventures involve the exploration of the American West rather than numbers. Here's an excerpt.
by Ardian Gill

Dodging the Potholes on the Asset Liability Forecasting Highway

With asset liability studies on the rise, more and more new drivers are jumping into the asset liability forecasting car and starting down the road. But watch out for potential potholes. There's more to consider than just smoothed contribution and expense.
by Mark Ruloff



An Actuary Responds to
About Schmidt
by Ann Bryant

Using the Big Apple to
Sweeten the Message
by Holly Kwiatkowski

Mining the Most from Credit
and Non-Credit Data
by James Guszcza and
Chen-Sheng Peter Wu

A Cautionary Tale for Actuaries
by Alan J. Stonewall

Extreme Logic
by Tom Bakos


The Confused and
Confusing Traveler
by Noam Segal

If Boomers Can't
Save, Who Will Save
the Boomers?
by Sam Gutterman

American Academy of Actuaries