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March/April 2002 cover

A Free Market for Life Insurance

by Erich W. Sippel and Alan H. Buerger
The emergence of a free market for life insurance policies is not only a major business opportunity, it's a step toward greater fairness in the life insurance business.

Viatical and Life Settlement Transactions: The Frightening Secondary Market for Life Insurance Policies

by Joseph M. Belth
Is the secondary market for life insurance policies a win-win deal for insureds and investors, or is it an invitation to skullduggery?

So Much for Global Warming

by Douglas J. Collins
A new study of the history of U.S. hurricanes in the 20th century fails to demonstrate any effects of global warming on the number and intensity of catastrophic storms

When Genetic Testing Collides With Major Medical Insurance

by Cecil D. Bykerk
Barring abuse, genetic testing could be a useful tool for doctors and insurers alike. But misguided legislation could result in unfortunate unintended consequences.

Specialized Medical Management Needs Early Intervention

by John F. Brehm
Effective management of catastrophic health care costs requires getting all the information available and getting it fast.

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