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July/August 2015

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  • Beyond Big Data
    How to use wisdom and simple data analysis to make better decisions.
  • Intelligent Game Design
    How do publishers create games that are balanced and fun? This feature explores considerations of game development, weaving mathematical modeling with thematic design.
  • Mortality Experience of Civil War Veterans
    A study compiled by observing a 70-year period of deaths at one historic cemetery in Brooklyn, N.Y., offers intriguing conclusions about achieved military rank and outcomes.
  • The Role for Actuaries in Settlement Annuities and Factoring
    The late-night commercial’s tagline is well known: “I want my money, and I want it now!” This article examines the insights actuaries can bring to bear in this emerging field.
  • Plus a look at end-of-life issues in health policy, unpacked through a close reading of Atul Gawande’s landmark best-seller, Being Mortal; a Workshop on the issues that casualty actuaries face with price optimization; puzzles; and more.

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