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July/August 2014

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  • The Evolution of Terrorism Risk Coverage
    With TRIA set to expire at the end of the year, deliberations about the government's role in mitigating terrorism risk have a new urgency.
  • Managing Down—Medicaid and MCOs
    As enrollments swell in the wake of the Affordable Care Act, states are turning to managed care organizations to enhance their Medicaid programs’ efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Fast Forward—Emerging Technology and Actuarial Practice
    Change is constant. Savvy actuaries know how to embrace it.
  • Underwriting in the 21st Century
    The tools for determining life insurance risk need to be less annoying. They also need to be more useful.
  • A New Retirement Paradigm
    President Tom Terry on rethinking what retirement security should look like.
  • Plus puzzles and more

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