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July/August 2009

Twenty Anniversary

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Contingencies continues to celebrate 20 years as the preeminent magazine of the actuarial profession. Check out the latest issue in our new digital version.

  • Rethinking Rationality
    When it comes to economic decisions, are we predictably irrational? Can a nudge in the right direction help?
  • Back to Basics: Systemic Risk and Everyday Behavior
    To truly capture corporate risk, we must pay closer attention to individual conduct.
  • The Future of Enterprise Risk Management
    The insurance industry must ask itself some hard questions about its ability to manage economic volatility, market shocks and unforeseen risk.
  • Point-Counterpoint
    Managing the Risk of Climate Change

    As humans, we are all part of the problem. As risk professionals, we have an important role to play in its solution.
  • The Jury’s Still Out on Global Warming
    Do we need to act now to avoid cataclysm? Or is the earth simply going through its usual climate-changing cadence, as it has for the past million years?

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