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July/August 2008


medicareElection 2008: In the Public Interest

The Facts About Medicare
The Medicare system in its current form is unsustainable. And the longer we wait to fix it, the more painful the remedy.
by Concerned Actuaries





retirementElection 2008: In the Public Interest

It's Time for a National Discussion on Retirement
The United States isn't getting any younger. Will the primary sources of income that anchored retirement security in the past suffice in the future?
by Mark Shemtob




analyticsAnalyzing Analytics:
The Debate Between Intuition and Statistical Thinking

Many people, even experts, go with their gut when making important decisions. Can actuaries help?
by James Guszcza







Accounting Quandary for Health Benefits in Retirement

Differing opinions on discount rate selection under a new government accounting standard could lead local governments to unintentionally mislead creditors about their financial obligations for retiree health benefits.
by Kevin Binder




Venturing an Opinion
Linda Mallon


Financial Disasters and the Creation of Risk Pools
Linden Cole

Requesting Guidance From the ABCD
Tom Griffin

Special Section:

Price of Fame
An Actuarial Assessment of the Triple Celebrity Death Phenomenon
Kyle Mrotek and Gregory Herrle

Can Exceptional Longevity Be Predicted?
Natalia Gavrilova and Leonid A. Gavrilov

What It Means To Be an Actuary
Tom Toce

Coin Tricks
Mark Danburg-Wyld

What Is Insurance
Sam Gutterman

A treasury of Vanderhoof
Irwin Vanderhoof's columns for Contingencies have been collected in one volume. Order "Through an Actuarial Looking Glass" for just $16.