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First Date with Math

We go in search of actuaries' eureka moment, the moment they first knew they had a special thing for numbers.
by Steve Sullivan

A Safer Strategy—Investing in Biotech

Investing in biotech stocks is a risky business, but there's safety (as well as big rewards) in numbers.
by Salim Kanji, Gilles Lamarche, and Jean Sasseville

The Actuary's New Clothes— A Canadian Perspective on the Financial Economics Debate

The debate between financial economics and the traditional actuarial approach to pension funding has been divisive. But there may be some pieces from the financial economists' wardrobe that will fit traditional actuaries just fine.
by Charlene Moriarty

Special Section: Reinsurance

A treasury of Vanderhoof
For the first time, Irwin Vanderhoof's columns for Contingencies have been collected in one volume. Use our online form to get "Through an Actuarial Looking Glass" for just $16.

We Get Letters
by Steve Sullivan


Self-Regulation Requires Hard Choices
by David R. Kass

International Actuarial Standards of Practice
by Lauren Bloom

Networking Is a Sound Investment
by Geralyn Trujillo

When You're Not Preaching to the Choir
by Mike Larsen and Nathan Babcock

Understanding Insurance, Part II
by Kevin M. Bingham and Richard Marcks

Send Me All Your Money
by Tom Bakos

More Logicians
by Yan Fridman

Bad for the Cat, Good for the Actuary
by Sam Gutterman

American Academy of Actuaries