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Mapping the Evolution of Risk Management

Not only is corporate risk management more complex than ever these days, it's hard to get there without a map.
by Etti G. Baranoff

Defined Cost: New Hope For Defined Benefit Plans

Though participants in a DCPP would bear the risk of disappointing investment performance, investment return and morality risks would be "pooled" among all plan participants.
by Kenneth A. Steiner

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Are We Approaching the Threshold of Nationalized Health Care?

Health care in America is regarded as a fundamental right. When providing it becomes more expensive and less profitable for the private sector, can nationalized health care be far behind?
by Robert B. Crompton

Is There an Actuary in the House?

Prevention is worth a pound of cure. It may also be worth millions of dollars to already stressed employers and health insurers.
by Catherine Murphy-Barron, Rob Parke, and Marcia Sander




Does A High-Deductible Plan Lead to Good Purchasing Decisions?
by Ian Duncan

Campaign Health Care Proposals: A Scorecard
by Holly Kwaitkowski

Predicting Return to Work with Data Mining
by Barry Senesky and Jonathon Polon

The Medical Malpractice Market: From National Dominance to Regional Focus
by Kevin M. Bingham


Why You Should Never Dis Dissent
by Sam Gutterman

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