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Six Degrees of Separation

Investing in Russia today isn't what it was a few years ago. The economy continues to grow and settle down, and the insurance business is one of the most promising parts of the Russian Renaissance.
by Mark D. Mariska and Ilan M. Rubin

The HMO Reinsurance Market: Neither the Best of Times nor the Worst of times

A general commentary on the HMO reinsurance marketplace from the perspective of the reinsurer of HMO clients.
by Mark Troutman

Evolution of U.S. Pension Plans: How Employers Use Their Retirement Programs to Add Shareholder Value

U.S. pension plans have evolved from their 19th-century beginnings. Current trends are influenced largely by the need for dynamic and effective retirement programs that add value to both businesses and employees.
by Ramon A. Aggabao

Fade Out on Schmidt

All right already, enough about Schmidt. By now it's so history. Besides, Jack's next movie has already come and gone. And he never even got to say those six words we were longing to hear: "I'd like to thank the Academy..." (We know which Academy he would really have been thanking.)
by Joseph C. Higgins and Burton D. Jay

Reinsurance Special Section



Fixing Health Care With an Online Information System
by Alan Thaler

Tracking the Academy's Investment in a Healthy Private Pension System
by Heather Jerbi

The Reinsurance Underwriting Audit
by Bob Tiessen and Bill Moore

IMSA and Regulators Promote High Ethical Standards
by Brian K. Atchinson

The Court of Common Sense
by Tom Bakos

by Noam Segal

All Alone on the Internet
by Sam Gutterman

American Academy of Actuaries