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July/August 2002 cover


by Anne Richardson
Sept. 11 struck the insurance industry hard, and figuring out the losses will take years. The industry has absorbed the shockÑthis time. But what about next time?

Retiring in a Down Market

by Kenneth A. Steirner and Karen E. Kost
Allowing employees to invest their retirement savings in the stock market may make good economic sense when the market is booming. But how well does it work when itÕs time to retire and the marketÕs in the tank?

The Health of Reinsurance

by Charles Crispin
The Health of Reinsurance The health reinsurance market is getting tighter—Enron and Sept. 11 havenÕt helped.

Patenting Insurance

by Tom Bakos
When you build a better mousetrap, youÕd better file a patent to keep the world from stealing it. But can you patent the insurance policy that covers the mousetrapÕs inventor, too?

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