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July/August cover

Dangerous Lives? The Mortality of Pro Athletes vs. the Rest of Us

by C. Allen Pinkham
The misbehavior of professional athletes, from drug abuse to car crashes, surfaces periodically in headlines across the country. Does that make them worse insurance risks than the rest of us? An actuary runs the numbers and reveals the surprising answer.

Working Overtime: An Odyssey

by Fred Kilbourne
Many baby boomers who spent the '60s dropping out and turning on may spend much of their own 60s working, just to pay the bills. So who needs retirement, anyway?

Coming To an Insurance Company Near You: CSO 2001

by Michael S. Taht
The 2001 CSO mortality tables may be the insurance industry's hottest remake this summer.

The Insurance Industry's Winter of Discontent

by John J. Kollar
A financial snapshot of the insurance industry shows that it's not immune from the woes that plague the rest of the world economy.

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