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July/August 2000 cover

Message to Japan:
Beware the Defined Contribution Plan

by Les Lohmann
The Japanese are among the best savers in the world. Do they really need defined contribution retirement plans to encourage more savings? And do they need to take on more investment risk in a profoundly troubled market? Introducing defined contribution plans into the already troubled Japanese economy could be the financial equivalent of kudzu.

Crisis Prevention: Actuaries, Rating Bureaus, and Workers' Compensation Data

by Richard A. Hofmann
The country's workers' compensation system has faced crises before. It's about to face another unless states reduce their dependence on rating bureaus and develop their own improved and more timely databases to provide early warning of changes in the cost cycle and to better manage future cost increases.

Counting the House:
Actuaries and Financial Services Reform

by Therese M. Vaughan
As banking and insurance mingle, actuaries will not only take on new significance; they'll be playing to a whole new audience.

Securitization in Canada:
An Introduction to the Basics

by Sheila Gallant-Halloran
Canadian financial markets may be new to the concept of turning assets such as credit card receivables, auto loans, or consumer installment loans into marketable securities, but they're catching on fast.

Bear Market:
Trying to Make Insurance Work in Russia

by Dwight K. Bartlett III
The road to success for Russian insurers may be more difficult than Napoleon's retreat from Moscow. Fortunately, the United States has plenty of advisers who want to help.

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