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Roll Model: Simulating a Savings Plan Account Balance

Could stochastic modeling help Social Security actuaries achieve more accurate forecasts than traditional deterministic methods? It’s an idea they’ve been looking at for a new years. Here, in a different context, is basically how stochastic modeling works.
by Richard M. Rasiej

Don’t Try This at Home: The Academy in the Public Eye

Crafting a public message for an entire profession takes timing, training, and an understanding of how news is made and reported in today’s media.
by Chris Robichaux

You Are What You Eat: Using Consumer Data to Predict Health Risk

Lifestyle-based analytics—using data available from an abundance of consumer sources—is one of the best ways to help actuaries and underwriters price health and life insurance.
by Chris E. Stehno and Craig Johns

A treasury of Vanderhoof
For the first time, Irwin Vanderhoof's columns for Contingencies have been collected in one volume. Use our online form to get "Through an Actuarial Looking Glass" for just $16.

Welcome to CRUSAP
by Frederick W. Kilbourne


Pension Penchant
by Paul S. Polapink

Basics of the ABCD
Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why
by Julia Philips

Taking Stock of Option Expensing
by Glenn Bowen, Alan Perry, and John Hankerson

Medicare Financing and the 2004 Technical Panel
by Edwin C. Hustead

Record First-Half 2005 Profits and Surplus Help P/C Insurers Cover Hurricane Claims

Cable Company Mathematicians
by Yan Fridman

by Richard T. Zatorski

American Academy of Actuaries