You can search for articles in back issues of Contingencies from July/August 2000 to March/April 2009 using the search box to the right. Simply type in subject words, author's name, or article title and click search. To search for articles from May/June 2009 to the present, go to the current digital issue of the magazine and use the search function on the left of the top navigation bar.

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To identify Contingencies articles published between May 1989 and April 2000, use this search engine. Articles are searchable by title, keywords, or names.

These articles are not online. The search engine will give you the title, issue date, author, and page numbers of the article you are looking for. Please contact Communications Assistant Christine O’Brien (202-223-8196) to get a photocopy of one of these articles. Be sure to give her your fax number and/or mailing address.

Contingencies also has an extensive reprint program. Please call Christine O’Brien with any questions at 202-223-8196.

Complete back issues of Contingencies are also available in some cases; however, certain issues are sold out. Back issues that are available may be purchased for $10 each. To order, please indicate the issue date(s) you would like and send with a check payable in U.S. funds to:

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If the issue you requested is not available, your check will be returned. Sorry, we cannot bill you and we are unable to accept credit card orders.

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